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Peanut Butter is the Co-Host and the supporting antagonist of Daniel Rapits Object Show, Ultimate Insanity.


Peanut Butter acts enthusiastic but mean at the same time. He tends to be cool with his best friend Battery but is not sympathetic at all when it comes to him and the contestants.

But in reality he is kind to everyone and is a chill


Cops And Robbers[]

Peanut Butter was first seen when he comes to Walkie Talkie's house and kidnaps him. He drives the truck that Webcam, Nurse Hat, NES Controller, and Walkie Talkie are in. When they arrive, PB forces them to get out as he calls them idiots.

After Battery talks with the first 19 contestants, Peanut Butter brings out 5 more until the competition begins.

Such Hard Feelings[]

He hosted the elimination.